Work Desk: What does yours look like?

What does your work desk look like? Is it the tidy or messy?

Or like mine, a bit of each depending on the time of day and what’s going on?

I was reading an article in Real Business. In it they asked a bunch of leaders of companies, both small and large, what their desks look like. But why do they keep their desk that way?

It made me think about my own desk, and that of my colleagues.

I enjoy having personal bits and pieces on my work desk. My screen saver is one of my favourite photos of my children, in the garden on a sunny summer’s day, all smiling out at me. I often look up and notice them – I can’t help but smile back.

And I also have a Cheshire Cat figure sitting there in front of me – as a reminder to stay focused and on track (I’ll explain that another time).

I definitely prefer a tidy desk.

If it gets too messy, which it does, it starts to stress me out a bit.

I like nothing more than a big declutter and tidy up at the end of the working day. Or when I finish one project and start another. It’s like drawing a line on the page. It feels cathartic. Satisfying 🙂

My partner on the other hand has the messiest desk you could imagine. Piles of papers and magazines on each corner, and a tiny space in the middle to work at. It stresses me out just thinking about it.

For me, there is nothing more frustrating than flicking through piles of papers trying to find something.

Working in financial services it’s easy to get overwhelmed with paper. We’re a paperless office but sometimes you wouldn’t know it…

What’s your desk like, and why?