Why did I do it?

I’m sitting here wondering: why did I do it?

This is always a tricky time of the year for me. I know it is for lots of people. Especially this year.

I love, love, love early Spring and Summer mornings, even early Autumn. Getting out of the house when the light is breaking through. Walking or running. And watching the sun rise over the Downs (where I live) is always special.

But January and February? Urgh. I need to push through these months.

I keep telling myself I really need to lose a few pounds. Because I do. I’m hiding a bit of a podge beneath my baggy jumpers at the moment.

And I don’t feel any peer pressure (not that I should anyway) because video calls hide the bottom half very effectively.

So what did I do? Ate two big cookies.

And why did I do it? Because my monkey brain caught my sensible self off guard.

Enough said.




Day 18

Photo by Daniel Lopez