What is it about dogs..?

My little Toby pup (as he is becoming known) is turning into a proper little character.

At 14 weeks old he is still a baby, and a real scaredy cat about random things like gateways and big ladies with green shopping bags.

But he also seems to have this idea that everyone he sees in the street or the park, wants to meet him.  He thinks he is the centre of the universe.  Which is fine at the moment, because most of the time it works.  Most of the time people do look at him and go “aaah, how sweet”.

In fact one of the interesting things about joining the ranks of the dog walkers is just how friendly people become.  Walking round the local park in the pouring rain today, I lost count of the number of people who smiled and spoke to me, just because, like them, I had a dog.  There is an exclusive club that I didn’t realise existed and to which Toby has given me membership!