Ups and Downs..

Last week started well.  On Monday and Tuesday I enjoyed two early morning runs of 5k and 7k, but just as I was getting back into my running routine the dreaded “back to school bug” hit.  Arghh!  The 7yo and then the 12yo went down with it so trying to fit in a run around disturbed nights, sick and juggling childcare was just too much.

The Matthew

I am sure I’m not alone when I say that whenever a sick bug hits the house, I immediately start having phantom symptoms, thinking every tummy twinge is the start of it for me.  Thankfully they were all in my imagination so earlyish on Saturday morning I was able to get out and enjoy the Autumn sunshine with a 12k run around Bristol’s beautiful harbourside.  The Matthew and the SS Great Britain were both looking lovely.

This was my longest run for some weeks and it wasn’t easy, at times I felt as though I was hardly moving!  However my spirits were raised when a passer by looked at me and said ” I wish I was as fit as you” – I smiled, straightened up and my pace quickened.  Amazing what a little encouragement can do!



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