Tired Tuesday

Today I woke up feeling tired.

The accumulation of my training sessions over the last week I guess.  A walk with the dog on the dewy grass in the early morning air soon sorts that out.

Yesterday was a swim session in the morning and a trail run with the kids in the evening.  Great fun, lots of hills to climb up and slide down, and water to wade through..

In this morning’s gym session I mix weights and core.  Then a couple of brick sessions –   bike then run.  I am pleasantly surprised that my legs feel okay.  Not too much jelly.

I have time for a quick shower and some breakfast (my usual omelette with cheese and spinach) then on to my swim lesson.

I feel that I have improved my stroke and Mark agrees that I am looking stronger.  I work on getting a better technique to my arm pull stroke under the water.  It makes a difference.

Then I work on my breathing.  I feel more comfortable breathing to my right so I practise  that.  Also I have to break a developing habit and not turn my head to the left, keeping it straight instead.

I notice that getting into a steady rhythm, taking regular small breaths, trying to stay relaxed results is all helping me to feel less tired at the end of each length.  I’m making progress.  Time for some more practise on my own..

But first a little treat – a soya flat white with a granola bar – yum!