Three things…

The words – three things – popped into my head this afternoon. It’s funny how that happens sometimes.

In fact when I checked I discovered it’s actually ‘three beautiful things’. The words are the title of a blog post I used to enjoy many years ago.

The author Clare Law suddenly stopped writing it at the end of 2014. At the time, I remember feeling disappointed. But of course something else soon replaced it.

Nostagia sent me in search of the blog, to see if it was still around.

To my delight I discovered that Clare started the blog again in 2020. I scrolled back to find the first post was the day before the first lockdown. It looks like she’s been writing it consistently since then although I haven’t had the chance to catch up just yet. I will though.

So my three things, my three beautiful things, today are

  1. My youngest daughter is revising for her mocks, which will take place online starting tomorrow. To help her stay focused on her work (and me on mine) we agree to ‘meet up’ in the kitchen every 90 minutes. For a chat or a drink or a snack. It works.
  2. Instead of my evening walk I decide to go out at lunchtime today. It makes a nice change to walk in the daylight, and to get some fresh air during the working day. The dog doesn’t mind when he goes.
  3. Jamie Oliver’s Rendang Beef recipe is a great success with my family for dinner tonight. According to my son it was ‘bangin’. Praise indeed.

If you’re interested in reading Clare’s blog here’s the link: Three Beautiful Things




Day 13

Photo by FOODISM360