Things don’t always go to plan do they..?

Berlin Wall

Two weeks ago I was packing for a 5 day break in Berlin during the half term week.  The trip was booked during the summer, one of those times when, glass of wine in hand, I was surfing the net looking for some bargain flights.  It was a choice between Madrid and Berlin and as lots of people had said it was a great up-and-coming place, loads to do and see, Berlin won.

Our Easyjet flight was uneventful until the youngest felt sick and threw up in the toilet sink!  Yuk!  She was fine immediately afterwards so I rolled up my sleeves and tried to clear it up but no good, the drain was well and truly blocked.  I pressed the help button and poked my head out of the door to speak to the steward – feeling as though I was on stage with a whole plane of passengers watching me!  (We do get these things out of perspective don’t we?)

My apologies and embarrassment were met with a lovely smile and kind reassurance from the male steward – not at all what I had expected.  I grabbed my young child (who was perfectly well again) and quickly dived back into my seat, from where I watched as it took the steward ages to clear the blockage (with lots of hot water and paper towels from what I could see..).

Rowan Atkinson / Mr BeanIt was quite late when we landed at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport.  During our train journey to the hotel I had my very own “Mr Bean” moment.   Having just got off at our last stop I suddenly realised that 7yo had left her jacket on the seat.  Seeing the doors were still open I jumped back on to retrieve it.  Of course, just as I picked it up the train doors closed and I was trapped inside!  With 7yo crying and lots of frantic pushing of buttons by me, my 13yo eventually had the sense to find and press the external door release and I leapt out – dramatically falling into the arms of my family – and much to the amusement of a young couple sat on the train..

Coffee on Kurfurstendamm Our hotel was quirky but interesting and walking distance from the Kurfurstendamm shopping area, so we decided to explore here for our first day.  It was a nice relaxing start to our holiday and we finished the day with dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant.

It was during this meal that the trouble started.   Youngest child had been fine all day, walking, eating, drinking without complaint, but during the meal she became very sleepy, in fact she fell asleep in the restaurant!  We made a quick exit and by the time we got back to the hotel room, it was obvious that she was unwell.  I need not go into details but lets just say that the next 12 hours were not enjoyable for her or for me!  Poor thing was very sick and very hot.  Stomach bug we thought, great timing..  But then she became delirious and that was very scary.  Time for some medical help we decided.

The doctor in the local hospital spoke amazing English, thankfully, as we speak next to no German.  She reassured us that it was probably gastroenteritis and that we were doing the right things.  Relieved that it was nothing more serious we went back to our hotel.  But then the next dilemma – stay in Berlin with a sick child (and with the prospect of the rest of us all getting it) or change our flights and go home?

EasyJet Airbus A319 - 2005Home got the vote but it was an expensive choice.  Easyjet was cheap to get to Berlin but certainly not to change our flight.  By the time we had paid £30 a head to change the flights plus the additional cost of the flights we had little change from £400!

But it was the right decision.  Home was where we needed to be to look after 7yo who continued to be very ill for the rest of the week and is only just getting back to full strength.   Thankfully the rest of us didn’t catch it.

Not sure whether I want to go back to Berlin again though..