The stress of it all..

Three days to go until our Bristol to Paris bike ride and things are getting stressy at home and work. Good job I’m tapering because I haven’t had much time to do any training anyway!

Sarah has her last A level exam this afternoon which will be such a relief for me, never mind her.  At the other end of the age scale, school events for my youngest seem to be taking over my life.   The summer term has almost finished and it seems like there’s been very little time for any “proper” school work this term – in the last  two weeks alone, we have had sports day, pyjama day, swimming gala, parents evening, class assembly, together with school trips and birthday parties galore.  Kids are just so busy and we parents seem to spend all our time running around after them!  I don’t know how I find time to work..

I’m a big list writer so I’ve started to write myself lots of different ones – what to pack to take on our Bristol to Paris cycle ride, what I have to do at home before I go, what I have to do at work before I go, you know the sort of thing.  Whether I actually get through them is another matter..

The last bit of bike preparation we need to do before we go is to make sure that our chains and gears are super clean and sparkly – a “prevention is better than cure” approach – so that’s another job for Thursday.  Our adventure is getting closer..