The Mandalorian

Yesterday we indulged in a family binge-watch of The Mandalorian.

A few New Year’s Eve hangovers were lingering in the room. It was a miserable cold grey day.

So we lit the fire, ordered a takeaway and lost ourselves in the world of Star Wars.

We didn’t need much persuading to keep pressing play at the end of each episode.

The Mandalorian style is reminiscent of vintage Star Wars of the 70s and 80s. Funny how most of the people in the room weren’t even born then but still see those original films as part of their timeline.

I can’t remember for certain, but I would imagine they first watched them on the old VHS tapes before we replaced them with DVDs. And now of course the films are streamed.

Probably time to get rid of those boxes of DVDs in the garage…



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