The Little Book of Intentional Living

My son gave me The Little book of Intentional living. Possibly a not-so-subtle hint on the long hours I was working before Christmas…

I’m discovering it has some hidden depths. Lots of little useful nuggets of wisdom.

After last night’s national lockdown announcement, one that resonated this morning is the one about the fox and the hedgehog.

Archilochus, an ancient Greek poet noted the different natures of foxes and hedgehogs.

The fox is clever and has many different strategies for hunting, stealing food and keeping safe, adapting to numerous situations.

A hedgehog on the other hand is quite a simple soul. His one trick to survive is to roll up into a spiky ball and hope that will defend him. He does one thing, very well.

The Little Book of Intentional Living makes the point that we could learn from both these creatures.

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing” Archilochus

Keep one big intention in mind, like the hedgehog.

But learn to be flexible like the fox when facing obstacles.



The Little Book of Intentional Living by Carolyn Boyes

Photo credit:Photo by Ira Mint

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