Sunny Sunday Session

It’s so true that if you want something enough you’ll try hard to find a way to get it.

I have promised to get three swimming practices in before I meet Mark again on Tuesday for my next lesson.  I also have a bike ride to fit in to complete my programme for this week.  And just as importantly I want to make the most of this beautiful sunny weather and spend time with my family.

Luckily I am a morning person.  So last night I form a cunning plan.  Get up and out early, before anyone else in the house even wakes up, cycle to the swimming pool, swim, cycle back, then a short run off the bike.  Sorted!  The rest of day free to spend with the kids..

I pack everything I need before I go to bed.  Check my bike.  A snack for after my swim. Make sure my Garmin is charged and set to bike mode.  Money for the pool.  I even put my training shoes out for a quick change.  I’m really getting into this..

I wake far too early, keen to get going, but there’s no point because the pool doesn’t open until 8am.  Then, last minute checks and I’m off.  Such a glorious sunny Sunday morning! I have the roads to myself, the luxury of cycling on smooth tarmac rather than being pushed into the gutter of usually busy roads.

Swim session goes well, 20 lengths of catch up, trying out my new found front crawl technique.  Then back on the bike for another 10k home, this time more uphill than down!  Quick change of shoes then a 10 minute run on the grass to get my legs used to the transition from bike.

Family only just getting up when I get back.  Big breakfast to celebrate.  Job done!

Training Summary:
10.5 km cycle.
20 x 25m swim.
10.5 km cycle.
11 min run.