Sunny Saturday

Saturday. Wow! This has been an eventful, positive, exciting week!

This week twenty five years ago I left my big corporate employer and set up my own small business, Cardens.

Looking back I feel proud of the Hilary that made that decision and followed through. At the time my partner and I had a mortgage (still do) and two young children. He had a good income, but not enough on it’s own to maintain the lifestyle that we’d got used to.

I enjoyed what I did, the people I worked with and my clients. But I’d reached the stage where it was clear that the owner was moving in a different direction to what I felt comfortable with.

In case you don’t know, I should explain that I help people sort out their financial stuff. In other words I’m an independent financial adviser and a financial planner.

My specialist area was (and still is) pensions and retirement planning, and in those days my boss couldn’t get excited about that. He got hyped from opening envelopes with big cheques for investment funds. Remember this was the 80s before online platforms and banking.

This attitude was a huge boost to the start of my new business. It meant that, with his blessing, I was able to take my existing clients with me, so long as they agreed of course. They all did.

So Cardens was born and ‘the rest is history’ (such a clichéd expression but so apt).

Back to this week. At the beginning of this year, I decided that 25 years in business was a reason to celebrate. We needed a party!

After months of planning, that party was this week, on Thursday evening.

The one thing that you hope for when you’re planning a summer party is nice warm sunny weather.  Sadly in this country that hope is often dashed, even in July.

So even though we’ve had weeks of sunshine and the forecast was the same for the week of our party, I was sceptical. Checking the weather app on my phone I kept expecting to see grey clouds and rain drops.

That didn’t happen. The sun shone, our guests arrived, and the evening was lovely and a great success. Phew!

And the Cardens Cupcakes – well the photo says it all…

Cardens cupcakes





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