Sunday Evening

Aaah Sunday evening. I’ve had a few times in my life when I dreaded Sunday evening because it meant going back to a dull job the next morning after the weekend. But only a few times, so I feel lucky.

This week I’m looking forward to a lot of meetings and learning, I hope.

I’m spending a couple of hours at a SOLLA seminar. SOLLA stands for Society of Later Life Advisers. It was established ten years ago as a not for profit organisation. Amongst other things it promotes and raises awareness of financial issues faced in retirement and later life. I deal with a number of older clients and I feel this is an important subject to understand better.

I’ve also got a meeting with my mastermind group this week. I’ve been part of this group for a number of years now and it’s really helped me to develop my skills as a business owner. What I like about my particular group is that there isn’t another financial adviser to be seen. I’d rather share ideas and help people in completely different markets. I’d find a room full of financial advisers a bit dull and whingy.

In between all of this I’ll be progressing client projects, writing blogposts and info-articles and meeting some prospective new clients.

So I sure hope this sore throat I’ve got at the moment doesn’t turn into a full blow cold.