The little things are becoming a real treat and feel like a luxury in this third lockdown. Like sourdough bread.

I know it was a big thing to make it in the first lockdown but I never did. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered then, and I can’t be bothered now.

I’d much rather buy a sourdough loaf from my local Bakesmiths.

And when I do it’s a triple treat because

  1. it’s a valid excuse to go out of the house (I’m shopping for bread which is definitely an essential)
  2. I’m buying some yummy artisan bread and supporting a small local business; and
  3. I can pick up a flat white at the same time (and maybe a cinnamon bun)

Ten months ago this would have been an every day occurrence and nothing special.

But little things matter at the moment. A lot.




Day 16

Photo by DDP