Shorts Sunday

Sunday. Shorts Sunday. That title sounds a bit random don’t you think? So let me explain.

Personal challenges aren’t just the obvious big things. Like cycling to Paris, or running a marathon, or jumping out of a plane.

One person’s challenge may be hard for another person to understand.

I was thinking about this as I ran along the Portway this morning, looking up at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, on my Sunday ‘longer’ run.

Because my challenge today (wait for it) was to wear short running shorts. I know, sounds like nothing at all…

But when I stepped out of the front door wearing my short shorts it felt as though I was pushing a boundary.

I think it’s mainly an age thing. When I was a young runner I didn’t give a thought to the fact that I wore not running shorts but running pants. Very short. Everyone wore them, I was athletic and I had very nice legs.

As I’ve got older I’ve become aware that my legs whilst retaining a reasonable shape are now more wobbly and lumpy. I’ve got the dreaded varicose veins –  the combination of carrying four children and my Dad’s DNA.

As a result, I’ve opted for wearing the longer running shorts in the summer for many years. In fact I’m not alone, lots of ‘older’ women wear them I’ve noticed.

But yesterday I went to my local running shop and bought myself a new pair of 5 inch Craft shorts. I love them. They’re so light and airy I hardly notice I’m wearing them.

And this morning I pulled on my new shorts, a bright orange vest top and a sun vizor and off I went, to get my running in before the heat built up.

(BTW: I can’t believe what I’m writing. This is a heatwave! In England. In July!)

So what you might ask made me change how I felt about wearing the short shorts?

Well, first I realised that most people wouldn’t notice or care what I’m wearing. We worry that people are looking at us but they really aren’t. Because (obviously) they’re all more worried about what they look like and whether we’re looking at them. It’s mad.

And that is especially true when you’re my age. I’ve become pretty invisible when I’m out and about except to other women of my age or older. And to be honest if they want to judge me for what I’m wearing, judge away. I’m enjoying my 10k run on a Sunday morning and proud of myself for still being willing and able to do it.

Which means I’ll be buying myself another pair of short shorts so that I can wear them more.

And, if like me you’re settling for long shorts but would really like to pluck up the courage to wear short shorts – just do it!