Relaxed and Peaceful. Just doing us

These few days on holiday in Dubai have been special. I’m feeling peaceful and relaxed for the first time in a long time. I’m enjoying that we’re doing nothing ‘structured’.

It’s the three of us this time. Me, Michael and our 15-year-old. It’s our first holiday like this. Before, we’ve had one or another of her three siblings with us.

I really wanted to go away for half term. Preferably somewhere warm and sunny. Before winter and Christmas set in. Dubai seemed perfect.

But I hesitated when booking. I was worried that our teenage daughter would get bored. Miss her friends.

I needn’t have been concerned. It’s all good.

We’ve got that lovely, be yourself, don’t care a stuff about what other people think thing going on this week. We’re just doing us. Family Carden. No worries.

And that is so precious. Because, as she kindly reminded me in the lift yesterday, in another couple of years she’ll have left home and she won’t come away with us.

Bit sad if it’s true.

But I have a feeling that an all-expenses-paid week in a 5 star Dubai hotel will still have its attractions…



relaxed in dubai