Post a Day

Just over a month ago I stumbled across the WordPress Post a Day 2011 challenge and before I knew it I had signed up!

So today is the end of the first month.  And this is my 31st post.  It has been an interesting exercise so far, certainly not easy at times.  What to write or post?  Would anyone even read my blog or would it be just me and the page?

There have been days when I have really enjoyed writing and thinking about it and others when I have got quite grumpy about it.  Why put this extra daily pressure on myself?

Well to be honest I’m not sure, but I’ve decided that although I may not be a professional writer, I quite like writing for my own amusement, and if from time to time I can say or post something that provides some entertainment or interest, then I am quite happy with that.

Will I Post a Day for a whole year?  Well I’m not sure, but I’m going to give it a go for a little while longer.  I’m going to have to work on being a bit more organised and plan ahead, have some extra posts ready for when I am lost for words.  But if not, there’s always the Post a Week instead…