Poorly Dog

Our dog is a poorly dog today.

First thing every morning when I open the door into the room, he’s sitting there quietly waiting for me. He always hears me getting up and coming down the stairs.

But not this morning because when I open the door and walk in he’s still lying on the sofa.

He gives me a pathetic look and I know immediately that something isn’t right.

My poorly dog is obviously feeling very sad for himself. So much so that even though he knows that he shouldn’t be there, he can’t summon up the energy to jump off the furniture.

It’s difficult for us to work out exactly what his problem is. But it seems pretty obvious that he’s in pain because he’s shaky and has a haunted look in his deep brown eyes.

We suspect he’s hurt his back. Again.

He’s a high energy terrier and prone to jumping up if he thinks he might be able to get some food off the counter top.

And he likes to sit along the top of the sofa, looking more like a cat than a dog. Sometimes he falls off.

And talking of cats, he has a thing going on with the cat next door at the moment. He madly chases her around the garden leaping up at the fence as she looks down and teases him.

It’s quite likely that one of these has caused a strained back. Which means an expensive trip to the vet for injections and painkillers.

But then what else can we do? He’s part of our family and we want him better. Soon.