One Week on..

Toby & the pigs

Well, Toby the pup has been with us for a week now and so far so good. My youngest asked me yesterday “are you sending him back or can we keep him?” as if he was a mistaken purchase to be sent back to M&S – of course we’re keeping him, he’s already made himself part of the family!

I know I may sound like a proud parent when I say this, but he seems to be quite a smart little dog. He’s already realised that he doesn’t get his food if he leaps around, but sit quietly and wait – result!

It will be nice to get the toilet training sorted soon. Weeing on the newspaper is a bit hit and miss at the moment and there’s nothing worse than wet socks from walking in a small puddle. At least, he’s teaching the kids to wear their slippers!

Next milestone is Toby’s second vaccination, following which we can start taking him out for walks. As it happens this coincides with Christmas Day, so at least I know that I won’t have the usual moans and groans when I suggest a walk after the Christmas dinner..