One month on..

It is a month today that Toby, our Border terrier puppy became part of our family.

My dog book describes Border terriers as “friendly, active, biddable” and he’s certainly showing all the signs of living up to that reputation.

But while we are all enjoying having a puppy in the house I feel that I am on a steep learning curve. So much to take in, it’s a bit like having a new baby in the house!  Which vaccinations to have, the best food to give him; how often he needs flea and worming tablets; whether to get him micro-chipped; which pet insurance, the list (and the cost) goes on and on!

So now we are about to embark on his training.  The puppy classes at the local vet seemed to be more about getting us in to sign us up for their food, insurance and services than training, so I am steering clear of those.  Instead I think I have found Bristol’s answer to the “dog whisperer” who seems to have a remarkable talent for training dogs as well as their owners. I’ll let you know how we get on..