Not quite Eddie Izzard

I hope that I am a good role model for my children and  more than anything I encourage them to “have a go”.

So when one of the other mums at school suggested getting together a team for the Sports Relief Run a Mile it seemed a great idea to join in

When I told her, my 6yo was very enthusiastic about taking part and wanted to start training immediately by running round and round the sofa – much to the annoyance of her 12 yo brother.

Dad also volunteered to do the mile with us (in a moment of weakness, having second thoughts as soon as he had said it) so the three of us signed up to join the “Babes and Dudes” team.

Sunday morning arrived and with it, thankfully, lots of sunshine.  We debated shorts or long trousers and decided shorts looked much sportier.  We pinned our very large numbers to our tops and set off.

College Green was bustling with activity when we got there.  An earlier wave had already finished and there were lots of people proudly wearing their red medals.  We warmed up with the crowd and waited expectantly at the start for the gun.

We were off!  Not a fast pace, more a fast walk really, surrounded by toddlers, people with dogs, clowns, fairies, buggies.  There were parents encouraging children to keep up and children encouraging parents as we all ran our mile.  And everyone was smiling and laughing.

Half way round, 6yo got the dreaded stitch, but moaning and groaning, she kept going pulled on by the medal and goody bag she would get at the end!  She even managed a sprint finish after which she was grabbed for a quick interview by a man with a microphone.  Sadly, she was too puffed to make the most of the 5 minutes of fame, more interested in getting to her free bottle of water!

The event was a great success for us and between us our team raised nearly £500  for Sports Relief.  So, a good day for everyone!