Nine weeks a year

I’ve been reading, well listening, to Steven Pressfield’s Put your Ass (where your Heart wants to be). I confess that I’ve never read any of his novels but I’m a big fan of his non fiction. The War of Art made a lasting impression on me. And it feels like Put your Ass is doing the same.

The thing is, I have a number of personal projects that I say I want to do. But I keep putting them off. I say to myself that I am struggling to find the time. But really?

Steven talks about a lifetime, one hour at a time. He says the muse does not count hours, she counts commitment. So it is possible to be 100% committed one hour at a time.

One hour a day is 7 hours a week is 30 hours a month is 365 hours.

That is nine 40 hour weeks a year.

So can I find an hour a day for my projects? Yes of course I can. No more excuses.