New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve. Here it is. The day many people have been eagerly awaiting.

And in Bristol it’s been a crisp, cold, sunny day. A reminder of natures beauty.

My emails and social media are full of: ‘A year to forget. Good riddance!’

Everything truly kicked off in the UK on the 23 March 2020 when our first lockdown began. It was a new experience, very unsettling.

283 days today since that first lockdown started.

Did anyone think it would last so long?

So glad the week before I rushed out and bought some laptops, arranging for our IT people to set them up so we could work remotely.

Just in case…

My best decision of 2020 it seems.

It’s a statement of the bleedin obvious to say this year has had it’s ups and downs for everyone.

And despite what was said when the virus started, we haven’t all been in the same boat.

But it isn’t a year that we will forget – and neither should we when there is so much to learn from the experience.



Day 2.