Naked Runner?

I’ve had a good running week.  A total of 25 miles and 3028 calories.  This morning’s 7 mile run in Blaise Castle Estate was a great way to finish off the week, it was such a beautiful, frosty, sunny, cold morning.  A day when you can’t help but feel alive and be glad for it!

I think of myself as a “naked” runner. Don’t worry I’m not a streaker, I wear clothes, but what I mean is that I never wear an iPod or mp3 player.  I prefer to run with just my own thoughts, noticing the rhythm of my breathing, nature, the people I pass.

I know that lots of my fellow runners like, even need, to listen to music or podcasts but not me – the noise just gets in the way.

Running naked also means that I generally notice the people who I pass by, other runners, dog walkers, cyclists, children, oldies getting their morning paper.  So I’ve been carrying out a little “experiment” recently.  As I approach someone, I try to guess whether they will engage with me, or ignore me.  Usually, but not always, a “morning” from me will get one back.  Sometimes a smile, a nod, even a little wave.

Sadly there are times when I could be the invisible woman, no eye contact, head down ignoring me as if I was some sort of threat!  Me?  I’m just a mad woman trying to get fit for the Brighton Marathon!

If you’re interested, click the link for a log of my training on Dailymile: Running Training Log