Me..a Triathlete?

A few months’ ago, looking for something new to focus on and inspired by Amy, my 28 year old trainer, who also competes in Ironman (qualifying and taking part in Kona last year) I entered the Burnham on Sea triathlon.  Just an “ordinary” sprint triathlon which involves swimming 500m, cycling 20K and then running 5K.

In fact this will be the second time I have taken part in this particular triathlon (well any triathlon in fact).  But the last time was 5 years ago and I am not getting any younger.

At least it means I have a time to aim for.  What a boost to my ego if I can finish in a faster time than the 5 year younger me!

I have just 3 weeks to go so I need to get serious about my training.

Swimming is my weakest skill of the three.  Last time I got by with breast stroke but I really have to sort out my front crawl.  It’s pretty pathetic at the moment, so on Friday I have a lesson with Mark (Durnford) who I am hoping will show me the way.

Amy tells me that I need to get as much cycling in as possible.  Apparently this is the key to success at triathlon.  With this in mind I decided at the weekend that to be a “proper” triathlete, I would need to use shoe cleats and pedals on my bike.  This is very scary because I have heard so many stories about people falling over at traffic lights – and I am already thankful to Josh at Zero for saving me from falling on my face in the shop!!

This week’s training then involves 2 gym sessions focusing on core/strength work; a swim lesson/session; a 1.5 hours bike session with extra shorter rides whenever I can fit them in and an interval run session.

Right! let’s go..