Magic fingers

To my dismay, with just 2 days until our Bristol to Paris bike ride, I woke up this morning with a stiff back.  Immediately I had visions of it seizing up on the bike ride and before my imagination ran too wild, decided that an “emergency” appointment with David, my chiropractor, was needed.

Thankfully he could see me at short notice.  I don’t know whether all chiropractors go through the same routine, but mine has his own system for establishing the cause of the pain, which involves pressing points on the body asking “does this hurt?” knowing full well that it will!  How does he do that?  Anyway, having made me jump a few times, he proceeded to spend 20 minutes manipulating and clicking my spine.

By the time I walked out I was (relatively) free of pain, certainly much better than when I went in.  So, thanks to David’s “magic fingers” my back should hold out on the bike ride (my fingers are crossed!).