It’s Making me Smile…

It’s making me smile to see my youngest daughter immersed in a ‘proper’ book at the moment. By ‘proper’ I mean a real paperback, not the onscreen version she usually reads.

I love reading but before Christmas I was feeling like I’d had too long a run of non-fiction. A friend recommended ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh Bardugo and I’m just getting into it.

But my daughter’s book is a likely candidate for my next read, based on her synopsis.

What intrigues me is the way it’s been written.

It’s set on just one day and the main character is a girl who is facing deportation from the US. But the part that appeals to me is that between the main story there are chapters with a side story about some of the people she comes into contact with.

And some of them are just plain grumpy. So the author provides the reader with some insight into what’s happening in their lives to explain why.

I love this concept.

Wouldn’t it be great to read a short story of some of the people you come into contact on a day to day basis?

I don’t mean people you know.

I’m talking about the young guy who makes your flat white in the local takeaway. The doorman at the local M&S local. The young woman on her scooter who drops off your Deliveroo.

All these people come in and out of our life and we have no idea what they’re dealing with, how they’re coping with lockdown, what they love and hate.

There’s never much time to have more than a quick chat.

Which is a bit sad. Especially at the moment.




Day 8

Photo by Jonathan Daniels