It’s Good to Talk

It’s good to talk. Don’t you agree?

I sometimes forget. Even a chat about nothing in particular can do wonders to lift your mood.

There are so many different ways to ‘talk’ to people now. My kids send me messages all the time through WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, iMessage even Snapchat.

I’m happy using all of them but they don’t replace a good old chin wag.

My friend has been going through a tough time recently. I don’t want to intrude so I sent her a message asking how she’s doing. A few moments, then my phone rings. You got a minute? I’d rather talk, she says. Also I can’t type fast enough to say everything I want to say!

Half an hour later, I put the phone down with a lovely glow. We laughed a lot and shared lots of love. It’s so good to talk. You don’t get the same experience with a few text messages.




Day 11

Photo by Diogo Brandao