In out, in out..

Time is precious so why do we waste it doing things we don’t need to do?  Like grocery shopping.

Have you ever thought that you handle each item at least 4 times when you shop in a supermarket?  From the shelf into your trolley, from the trolley to the checkout, from the checkout to the bag, then at home, from the bag into cupboard!

Of course one of the reasons for shopping personally is because you want to choose your own food, pick the freshest looking fruit and vegetables or the leanest meat.  But do you really need or want to spend your valuable time putting tins of beans or toilet paper backwards and forwards into the shopping trolley?  I don’t think so.

Which is where online grocery shopping should come in.  It makes perfect sense doesn’t it, to sit down at your computer every couple of weeks, in the comfort of your own home with a nice cup of tea, and order all those basic bulky items to be delivered straight to your house? Which means that while someone else is walking round the supermarket collecting all your groceries you can be doing something much more interesting instead!

So why, I ask myself, don’t I do this?  Why am I still spending hours of my valuable time each week walking around the supermarket aisles and queuing to pay?

I’ve tried Sainsburys, Waitrose and Tesco for online shopping in the past but I’ve never really established a habit.  Other people I have spoken to say the same thing, it only works if you get into a routine and stick to it.  So, I’ve decided to give it another go to see whether it does actually save me any time and I’m setting up an order with Sainsburys for next week.  I’ll let you know!

And if anyone else has any tips or experiences I’d love to hear about them!

Photo courtesy Simon Shek