I don’t often say this but..

Oh the joy of routine!   The last couple of weeks ours has been all over the place,  first one child off school ill, then the other one and in between I got my own special version of the bug, just to top it all.  And, just to make me feel worse, I received the dreaded “unsuccessful” package from the London Marathon.  Fortunately months ago I anticipated this result and entered the Brighton Marathon, which is the week before.  Thankfully it means I don’t have to even think about running two marathons in two weeks – something that had crossed my mind, albeit briefly.

It always amazes me how quickly you can go from feeling ill to feeling normal again.  And it is so welcome, such a relief that you tell yourself you will never take your body for granted.  But of course within a day or so you do.

But all this disruption to routine has meant yet more delays in starting my new training regime.  So, this Friday was the first day for more than a week that I felt well enough to start running again.  As we’re back to dark, damp mornings I have a number of road runs that I can choose from, depending on how far I want to go.  I ran 3.71 miles in 40 minutes, a bit slow and ploddy but hardly surprising in the circumstances.  Then at the weekend:

  • Saturday early morning, I ventured out again, 5.25 miles in 55 minutes.  That was tough, especially the hills.
  • Sunday it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  But running in it was actually quite nice, exhilarating in fact.

So, fingers crossed, it looks like I’m getting back on track.  I just need to find a sensible marathon training programme now for Brighton 2011.  Any suggestions?