Happy Hump Day!

I first heard the expression “hump day” on twitter.

Although  I guess most people hearing it for the first time will assume a more risqué meaning, it is in fact a reference to Wednesday and the fact that it is the middle of the working week – you have to get over the hump to go down the other side, to the weekend.

A while ago I decided that it would be good to allocate one day a week to catch up on the things that I was procrastinating about, the things on my “too difficult” pile.  We all have those I guess?

Wednesday, being the middle of the working week seemed to be a good day for this.  So HUMP day has another meaning for me – “Hilary yoU Mustn’t Procrastinate!”   I know, daft, but we all need to have a bit of “daft” to brighten up our week, don’t we?