Getting used to my Pedal Cleats

At my gym session on Monday, I tell Amy (my trainer) about my drama in the bike shop last weekend when I so nearly hit the floor moments after my shoe and pedal cleats were fitted – saved only by the quick thinking (and strong arms) of Josh, the assistant.

She then shares with me the time (a long time ago you understand) when she did the classic fall over at the traffic lights – lying there while every single car in the queue very carefully drove around her!  How kind..

We agree it would be a good idea for me to have lots of practice stopping quickly and getting in and out of the pedals.  So I’ve added a short 20 minute bike circuit to my early morning routine.  This is a “technical” session during which I must stop and restart regularly.  Already I am starting to feel more confident, less restricted, so it seems to be working.  I’m also enjoying the quick burst of energy I get from the cycling – a great way to start the day!