Fun and muddy forest trails..

Does this happen to you?  Much as I love everything running, there are times when my motivation slides away and gets replaced with other work, family, day to day “stuff”.

That has been the case for some time now, indeed all through the summer months, and it’s quite hard to get back don’t you think?.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that I’ve sat on my bum all summer eating cake (well maybe just a bit) – I think that I’ve kept my fitness bubbling under by shorter runs,”dog jogs” and weekly gym sessions, but I haven’t got properly serious about my running for a while now.

We all know that the key to motivation is having something to focus on, something that gets you excited, a goal worth making an effort for, so I set about finding an event to take part in that was a little bit different from the races I’ve run recently.. And that’s how I found Relish Running Races.  In partnership with the National Trust they run a series of four 10K off road races promising “fun and muddy forest trails” around Bath and surrounding countryside.  I did a lot of cross country when I was younger so I’m hoping this will bring back some fond memories and my this space!

This is the link to Relish Running Races if you’re interested in taking part too!  The first race is 20th November 2011.