Five weeks

This week I’ve realised, it’s only five weeks until we finish for Christmas. As usual we’ll be closing the office on the 21st December and re-opening on the 2nd January.

I made the decision way back in 1993 when I set up my financial services business that I would:

1) not work over the Christmas holidays, and

2) take a two week holiday in the summer.

It puzzles me that so many small business owners I meet don’t take any time off. The excuse is always the same: they can’t risk it.

Well, I think they’re taking more risk by not having down time. It’s essential for well being, family and personal relationships as well as perspective.

No one is indispensable.

And now more so than in 1993, with the availability of technology and support services like virtual assistants, there really is no excuse.

For me, having a young family in the early days, that time off was precious and irreplaceable.

A once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed.

The thing is, now I have lots of lovely memories of Christmases and family holidays from back then.

I don’t feel the same about the work or meetings that I was having in the same years.

Whilst I love what I do and always have, family time is so important to me, business or no business.