Fartlek today I think..

SS Great Britain, Bristol

My training plan said to do a fartlek session today, so fartlek it was this morning.

The mornings are getting much lighter earlier now which makes the Downs accessible again.  I started off with a steady mile across the Downs then through Clifton village and down to Harbourside.  Then my version of fartlek, a real medley of hills, efforts and (sort of) sprints with a short(ish) recovery in between.

Highlights of my early morning session?  Successfully avoiding a seagull trying to bomb me; the two old chaps who meet and chat on the corner every morning; the beautiful reflection of the clouds in the water of the harbour (which I attempted to photo, see left).

And, I actually managed to run (or rather staggered) all the way up Constitution Hill without collapsing in a heap at the top.

Tomorrow I think, a rest, before another 50K cycle on Saturday, this time with the boys (gulp)