People can be really disappointing at times. They can be thoughtless, insensitive, heartless even.

My daughter in law is a very smart well qualified young woman. She works hard and has a faultless work ethic.

She was looking forward to starting her new job on Monday morning. At an NHS Hospital in Wales.

She spent hours providing them with all the documents they demanded. Diligently going through her records and carefully and quickly providing the information. They came back to her rather less quickly and certainly less considerately.

And then, when they eventually confirmed the position, she handed in her notice for her current job.

This morning she received an email saying the position had been withdrawn.

Minimal explanation, no apology to speak of, certainly no sense of regret at the last minute decision or the fact that she had given her notice and would as a result be without a job.

Truly sh**$y behaviour from an organisation I would expect more from. Or rather the people who work there. Disappointing.

I realise the NHS is going through a difficult time at the moment. But there’s no excuse for this.

And it’s their loss because she’ll now be a great asset for someone else.



Day 23

Photo by Nathan Dumlao