Couch to 5K

Two years ago the couch to 5K programme wouldn’t have even featured in my mind.

Yet this evening I started it. I tried it last summer but it was too soon and I gave up after a few weeks.

I’ve talked before about the issues I’ve had with my back.

And how at times I’ve struggled to walk let alone run.

But I’ve been sticking to my plan and walking every day even if only for ten minutes.

And I think it’s getting better. I’m getting stronger and I seem to be getting a little more flexible. Either that or my brain is starting to zone out on the feelings of stiffness. Could be that I guess.

Anyway, whatever the reason, the good thing is that I actually felt tonight as though I might be able to do the couch to 5K programme this time.

I might be able to get to the point where I can actually run a 5K again.

Maybe I’m not past it after all 🙂

Watch this space…




Day 22

Photo by Julien Tondu