Choose Yourself Tuesday

Tuesday. Choose Yourself. What does that mean? Well anything you want it to I guess, but I’m referencing James Altucher’s book.

A favourite quote from James is “The only predictor of a successful tomorrow, is a successful today”.

One thing he suggests is a simple daily practice of focusing on taking care of yourself in 4 areas:

  • mental health
  • physical health
  • emotional health
  • spiritual health.

James says he is attempting to improve himself by just 1% in all these areas every day which for him means he’s sleeping well, exercising a bit and writing down 10 ideas a day, no matter if they’re any good.

It’s also about being around only the people you love, cutting out toxic people and living in the moment each day – not in the past or future in your head.

I’ve found that the best way I can make any progress in anything is when I set up regular habits and routines. Which is why I get up early each day and go out for a run. If I’m having a rest day (which is important for recovery) I walk instead of running.

And I’ve discovered that when it comes to food I’m what Gretchen Rubin defines as an ‘abstainer’ in her four tendencies. I’ve learnt that I find it easier to give something up completely rather than try and moderate the amount. It’s all or nothing for me. So I’ve not had any alcohol for almost a year now, and I avoid eating anything with sugar and gluten. The bonus is that I’ve lost 14 pounds and feel much leaner.

What are you choosing for yourself on this lovely Tuesday?

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