Chinese Food

For my son’s birthday meal out he chose Chinese food. Not my food of choice usually because I try to avoid sugar and lots of carbs, but it’s all about balance isn’t it?

We had a favourite Chinese restaurant when the kids were much younger. It ticked all the boxes for eating out with young children: friendly servers, good food, relaxed atmosphere and a fish tank to amuse them.

I’m not sure why we stopped going there, I guess because we have seasons in our life, things change and new things replace old things.

Sometimes going back isn’t the best experience so when the Emperor Court was suggested I wondered if that would be the case this time.

Walking through the door, the place was just the same as I remembered it. We even sat on the same round glass table near to the same fish tank. Same delight in the the ‘Lazy Susan’.

Service was relaxed but attentive, they were very patient with our many requests, we didn’t feel annoying. The food was tasty, fresh ingredients and plenty of veggie options which pleased me and my daughter. And it was good value! So many restaurants are becoming very expensive, especially for a party of seven (and I’m paying…).

All round then a lovely birthday meal and nice to bring back some pleasant memories of a younger family.