Can I crawl..?

This is getting serious – today I did a double training session!

My day started in the gym at 8am.  Some tough bike work, legs and core resulted in some serious heat being generated helped by this warm summer weather.

My second training session was a swimming lesson with Mark – my first.  After I had warmed up, he got me to demonstrate my version of the front crawl to him.  He was very polite but it was obvious I needed to work on my technique!

Although I can (sort of) crawl, I get completely exhausted after just a short time.  Mark skilfully showed me how to break each part of the crawl down and how less is more when it comes to moving through the water.

First I worked on pulling my arms through the water properly using a catch up stroke (i.e. keeping one hand in front and touching with the other).  I also I found that by really slowing down I actually moved more quickly through the water.

Next I focused on stretching out and rolling as I brought my arm out of the water and over, making sure that I kept my elbows up as I did so.  As Mark explained, when your arm is coming out this part of the stroke doesn’t actually help you move through the water in itself, so you just want to do it as quickly and effortlessly as you can.

Putting it all together I surprised myself by swimming the whole length of the pool without even worrying about taking a breath!

I now need to spend some time in the pool on my own, practising this technique so that I don’t have to think about every single stroke quite so much.  Then I can start introducing some breathing – which would be quite useful when I am swimming 20 lengths for my triathlon!

If you’re interested check out Mark’s you tube video explaining the Crawl technique