Bristol to Paris – here goes..

My youngest daughter is what my mum called a “wriggle bum”.  Like many six-year olds she just can’t keep still.   She’s no couch potato even when she is watching her favourite TV programme – hopping from one foot to the other.  It must be the genes I think, because I am always looking for something new to keep me busy, the next challenge.  So when a letter came home from school asking if anyone was interested in a cycle ride from Bristol to Paris, I was in!

As if to make the point that there would be no time for weekend lie ins, our first meeting was held on a  Saturday morning at 8.15am.  There was quite a large gathering – around 50 I would say – and everyone listened attentively as John Milne (Head of Clifton College Prep School) talked us through the plans and itinerary.  Martin Williams (who is both a triathlete and has competed in an Ironman!) then showed us the proposed route:

  • Day 1 – Bristol to Poole where we will stay overnight catching the
  • Poole to Cherbourg ferry
  • Day 2 – Cherbourg to Bayeux
  • Day 3 – Bayeux to Bernay
  • Day 4 – Bernay to Paris

A total of about 350 miles, with lots of hills, so no problem..should be easy!

Andy Wadsworth of MylifePT talked us through some training and nutrition tips then cycling expert Jerry Arron from Mud Dock gave us some information on bikes and equipment.

It was clear chatting to people over coffee and croissants afterwards that there are lots of different abilities and experience of cycling – from triathletes to those who have not cycled for many years!   But for all of us, whatever our experience, cycling 350 miles from Bristol to Paris will be both challenging and a great adventure!

And of course, between us, we also hope to raise lots of money for charity.