Bright Yellow Tennis Ball

A bright yellow tennis ball.

I think that’s my favourite piece of gym equipment at the moment.

If you’ve read my earlier blog post you’ll know that I’m having a few niggles with my lower back.

And this means that I’ve been trying all sorts of different exercises, including using a foam roller.

But when we went on holiday, it wasn’t practical to take the foam roller in my suitcase. So instead I took my bright yellow tennis ball with me instead.

My favourite exercise is to sit on the floor with my knees bent, my feet flat on the floor. I put the tennis ball under my right glute (aka my bottom) then I rest my weight on my hands and lift myself slightly. I then roll the ball slowly until I find a spot that feels tight, then hold the position for as long as I can. Obviously you need to do the left side as well.

I find that by doing this exercise for just a few minutes a couple of times a day, not only does it get easier, but I notice that my back feels a bit more mobile afterwards.

As you’ll see from this article, there are many different ways to use the tennis ball.