Blimey I’ve got fat!

Sadly the summer is becoming a lovely memory, the kids are back to school, the September days are shortening and there’s a bit of a chill in the air. Thankfully all that I have left from my injuries and the drama of our Paris bike ride is a small bump on my face, and a good story to tell.

For the first time in many years I have had a very long break from both running and cycling.  For about a month after my bike fall I couldn’t run or cycle even if I wanted to, but before I knew it yet another month had passed!   And then suddenly the Bristol Half Marathon was a week away and it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be fit enough to even jog it without feeling very bad.  So I didn’t.

But one thing that has shocked me about getting out of my running routine is that I’ve grown a spare tyre around my middle!  I guess I’ve kept eating the same as before but just haven’t been burning it off.  So looks like I have to get down to some hard work.

And luckily my next challenge is coming into view – my first full Marathon!  I have a place to run the Brighton Marathon in April 2011 which I calculate is 30 weeks away, plenty of time to get fit again I keep telling myself.  So if you’re interested in following my progress  please do drop by from time to time.  Let me know if you’re a newbie to the 26 miles too.  Or if you’re an old hand please feel free to pass on some tips – I know that I’ll need them.

In the meantime –  Right! Lets Go..