Blimey its hot

Six days until we set off on our Bristol-Paris bike ride and the hot, sunny weather is looking set to continue.  Its beautiful sitting in the garden enjoying an ice cold drink, but struggling up yet another hill with the sun beating down might not be quite so much fun.  On the other hand, rain wouldn’t be so pleasant, or wind, or cold.  Okay, let’s face it, it doesn’t really matter what the weather’s like – it’s the hills that won’t be nice.

My bike is still at the workshop, so I’ve been for a 7 mile run first thing this morning just to keep the legs moving, nothing too hard because my knee’s feeling a bit dodgy at the moment.  I’m getting slightly paranoid about being injured before we even start.

Sarah is over her bug now so she’s back to the revising.  This evening we are getting together with our fellow cyclists for a pre-ride briefing and dinner.  Our venue,  a nice little restaurant in Clifton.  I’m wondering, is it too early to start carb loading?  I assume the same rules apply as they do to running half and full marathons?  Anyone know?