Bleep!.. “Slow down”

Bleep!..”Slow down” my Garmin watch nagged me all the way round my 40 minutes run today.

I don’t do “slow down” easily, too much to do, no time to waste!

The recommended pace (based on my last 10K race time) seems so slow compared to what I’d usually average, even on an easy run. So already I am starting to question whether I have chosen the right training schedule for my first Brighton Marathon in April. How do you know?

I re-read the instructions when I get back:

The most important days in this schedule aren’t the hard days, but the four easy ones per week..easy days are critical because they allow the body to recover from and adapt to the hard training done during the rest of the week. Without easy days or days off between the hard workouts, the training will break you down rather than make you stronger..”

Okay, that sounds sensible doesn’t it?  So, I’ll stick with this schedule for a while and see what happens.   And hopefully today’s easy run will mean that tomorrow’s first hill session won’t completely kill me..after all I have a day’s work to do after a long Christmas break!