Bath Half and other long runs..

I must admit that I was still having doubts on the Friday before the Sunday about running the Bath half marathon last weekend.  Amy, my enthusiastic trainer optimistically included it in my training schedule for the week, and we called it a “training run”.  For some reason that seemed to make it better, even easier.  I told myself that I could just go round at my own pace with no pressure.

Bath is such a lovely city and the event is very popular.  We were pleasantly surprised to park easily without any queuing and easy walking distance from the starting line.  The weather was great for running, but not so good for standing around, really cold, so I was glad that the race started (for once) on time at 11am.

The mind trick did work and I ran for the first hour just enjoying the experience and the crowds and the music and without feeling under pressure to achieve a personal best.  That said, I kept an eye on my Garmin and at one point I did wonder whether I could smash my 10 miles that thought had disappeared..

The final hill was tough but the finish was in sight and I couldn’t resist a semi sprint to the line and a triumphant smile to the camera!  It is SUCH a great feeling to finish a race, and (rather like giving birth I always think) you soon forget the pain, enjoy the success and start to plan the next time..

My next race is the Brighton Marathon, twice the distance (eek!) in just 4 weeks time!  But I’m trying not to think that far ahead at the moment, just concentrating on building up my mileage, some speed work and working on my core strength.

So, wish me luck for my 3 hours run tomorrow, Clevedon here I come!