Aargh! Families!

Why is it that what should be a nice family get together turns into so much stress before we even get there?

It starts at 7.30 am.  We have 90 minutes for everyone to get ready and out the door.  By 8am 3 out of 4 children are still in bed. Then there is an almighty rush for the bathrooms. The noise builds. The arguments start. The dog runs amok taking advantage of the open kitchen door.

At last we get everything packed and start getting into the car.   Arguments about seats.

Then one child remembers he has left his DS in the house. He’s sat in the middle seat..

An hour later than planned we are finally on the road. We have a 3 hour journey.
10 minutes in – “can we stop for some breakfast?”


Thanks to programwitch for use of photo