Aahh Family Life..

Family life certainly has its ups and downs, often over such trivial matters.

Tonight was just one of those times.  Dinner started rather well.  I cooked the Chicken Pie from Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals, and although it took me closer to an hour than 30 minutes, it was rather yummy and went down very well with the whole family.

So, one minute there are 6 people sitting around the table eating and then as if by magic the room clears!

Just the two of us left holding the dishcloth with a mountain of plates and pans!

Now I must admit that sometimes I choose to avoid the fight and for the sake of peace, just ignore the fact that they obviously have more important things to do than help wash up.

But tonight was not one of those occasions.  And, sure enough, you would think that I was asking for the whole house to be cleaned from top to bottom.  Excuses, arguments, accusations.  Lots of raised voices and stomping around.  But eventually it was done.  So, now we’re all friends again (until the next time).

Aahh the joys of family life..