A good laugh

When something, or someone, causes you to have a good laugh, you can feel it’s doing you good. Laughter is the best medicine. That saying is so true.

Laughing triggers the brain to flood the body with lots of feel good neurotransmitters; dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. These help us to feel less stressed and anxious.

And laughter is contagious. When one person starts laughing, it’s hard not to join in even if we don’t know what they’re laughing about!

Social media is such a great source of creative humour. My son showed me this video today. It was doing the rounds. I do hope the poor man was happy to be filmed (it’s possible it was staged of. course, you never know) and I’d like to thank him for making me laugh out loud today.




Day 14

Photo by Gabriel Tovar