5 Days and counting down

Triathlon by Tia
Triathlon by Tia

It’s 5 days until my triathlon.

How do I feel?  I must admit that I’m a little apprehensive about the swim.  I’m really pleased with how my front crawl technique is coming along, but because it is so new to me I feel quite breathless after 2 lengths.  I’m also not great at turning yet and I worry that I’ll hold someone up.

I’ve also received my swim start time and it’s 6.35am!  I know that I’m an early morning person but this seems a bit over the top.  We’d already decided to stay the night so no travelling, but it still means getting up to eat breakfast at 5am at the latest.  This is definitely motivation for getting my swim time down if I’m going to do another tri.

On the plus side, I’ve stuck to my training schedule this week and I’m feeling quite strong. Luckily I chose good weather on Saturday to do my long bike ride and brick session rather than Sunday when it poured with rain all day!

Yesterday I started an easier schedule winding down to Sunday’s race.  My run was a flat 25 minutes with 10 second speeders every 5 minutes.  This morning a gym session and I’m also doing some core exercises every day.

So now I need to start work on some of the detail of the actual race.  Such as what I drink and eat and when and even how!  Anyone reading who has tips about anything to do with race day preparation would be appreciated..